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Shirley Medical Limited is a friendly general practice dedicated to providing high quality care to you and your family.

At times we may run late due to an emergency, and we ask for your understanding. If you are running late call us. 

We will endeavor to see you the same day when needed, if your appointment is urgent.

In additional to general care we offer an extensive range of services, please see 'List of Services' to the right for a comprehensive list. 

We offer all our patients the right to have a chaperone present during examinations. You may wish to bring a support person with you or have a nurse chaperone. Please let reception know or ask your doctor or practice nurse.

Please let us know if you have the flu, or think you might be infectious. Hand sanitiser and masks are available for patients use, these are available at reception. 



Current Status 17/05/2019

Current Situation
* The last confirmed case of measles in Canterbury was notified on the 30th March. Given that an outbreak is
deemed to be over following the infectious period (5 days) and two incubation periods (2x 21 days) we have now
reached that time. It is likely that the current measles outbreak will be declared as over by Community and Public
Health in the near future pending no new cases.

The anticipated vaccination programme going forward:
*   Revert to the National Immunisation Schedule (usually providing the first MMR vaccination at 12-
15months age and then the second at 4 years of age).
*   Within the National Schedule any unvaccinated individuals under the age of 50 years may still be
vaccinated on an opportunistic basis.
*   Both CDC and the New Zealand Ministry of Health currently recommend that those embarking on
overseas travel (particularly to endemic areas) are fully vaccinated with a documented 2 MMR doses
prior to travel.
*   People born before 1969 (50 years of age and over) will likely have been exposed to the measles virus
and will have acquired immunity. It is not indicated to vaccinate in this older age group.


After hours GP provides an after-hours general practice service to our patients. The service offers you the ability to book a time that suits, allowing you to wait at home until your appointment.

You must have spoken to a Homecare Medical nurse and be triaged as needing to see a GP before you book online.

Simply ring our usual practice number (03 385 3149) after 6:00pm and a Homecare Nurse will answer your call.

For further information go to

Flu Season 2019

The 2019 Flu vaccine will be available from April 1st (subject to availability). Under 3 years of age vaccine not available till April 15th.

The flu vaccine is fully funded for people 65 years of age or older and people under 65 years of age with various health concerns (see the link below 'fight flu' to check if you are eligible for a funded vaccine).  Cost for flu vaccine is $30.00. 


Fight Flu

Ministry of Health influenza information


We provide FREE consultations for registered children under 14 years of age. This is to enable you to access advice for any health concerns you have about your child. In addition to caring for your child when they become unwell, our team are experienced and trained in routine child checks and immunisations.

The National Immunisation Schedule Age Diseases covered and vaccines

6 weeks Rotavirus; Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis/Polio/Hepatitis B/Haemophilus influenza type b; Pneumococcal

3 months Rotavirus; Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis/Polio/Hepatitis B/Haemophilus influenza type b; Pneumococcal

5 months Rotavirus; Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis/Polio/Hepatitis B/Haemophilus influenza type b; Pneumococcal

15 months Haemophilus influenzae type b; Measles/Mumps/Rubella; Pneumococcal

4 years Diphtheria/Tetanus/Pertussis/Polio; Measles/Mumps/Rubella

11 years Tetanus/Diphtheria/Pertussis

12 years Human papillomavirus (HPV)



  • Accident Care

  • Asthma Education

  • Cervical Smears – With your Doctor or Nurse.

  • Childhood Immunisation

  • Contraception & Family Planning

  • Diabetes Care with doctor or nurse

  • Dietary Advice

  • Drivers License Medicals/renewals

  • ECG

  • Flu Vaccines

  • Hearing Tests

  • Home visits

  • Illness Management

  • Minor Surgery

  • Mole Checks

  • Rest Home Care

  • Wart Treatment and liquid nitrogen

  • Well Person Checks

  • We require a minimum of two business days notice for a repeat prescription to be processed.

  • Prescription charges: Faxed $30 – Collect $25 – Payment is to be made to our bank account 03 1700 0125431 00

  • We do not process same day prescriptions via the website but if you do require a same day prescription please phone the surgery to arrange.

  • Repeat prescriptions are only available for stable medical conditions which have had medication previously prescribed by one of our doctors.

  • Unless previously agreed, you must have been seen for this condition in the past 6 months. Many conditions require 3 monthly visits.

  • Repeat prescriptions are at the doctor’s discretion and you may be contacted to make an appointment if a review is needed.

Southern Cross Health Society Easy-claim available for members








Shirley Medical Centre policy is not to contact patients routinely for normal results. You will be notified of urgent or abnormal results as soon as possible after the doctor has reviewed them. Please ensure we have your current preferred method of contact.

If you have specific concerns or have not been contacted you can ring: 03 385 3149, and speak to the nurse.