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Patient Information

Doctor Consultations
The fees listed are guideline only. They are the doctors fees usually charged for our standard consultation. Please advise us if you require a longer appointment – an additional fee applies. There may also be extra charges for materials used or additional services.
Please ask us for a quote for minor surgical procedures as prices vary depending on procedure. For a full list of the procedures will provide see under 'Our Services'

Casual Patients

Payment is required before your consultation with the doctor.

Payment Methods

Fees are payable at the time of consultation.
Payment can be made by:
-credit card (Visa, Mastercard)
-Direct credit to our bank –  account ASB 12-3244-0018382-01

Patient FEES

Enrolled and Funded Patients as at 1 December 2018

Age No CSC With CSC
Under 14 yrs Free Free
14-17 yrs $47.00 $13.00
18+ yrs $54.00 $19.50

Casual and Unfunded Patients

Under 6 yrs $51.00 $51.00
6-17 yrs $71.00 $66.00
18+ yrs $86.00 $71.00

ACC Surcharge

18+ yrs $49.00 $19.50
14-17 yrs $49.00 $13.00
Under 14 yrs Free Free