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Enrolment is where you choose to make us your regular doctor. We arrange for your medical notes to be transferred from your previous doctor, along with the local health authority (PHO) funding. This means you can then get the subsidized consultation fees. Not everyone is eligible for enrolment.

Eligibility to Enrol

An eligible individual is a New Zealand citizen

OR a person who holds a resident visa or permanent resident visa (includes residence permits issued before December 2010)

OR is an Australian citizen or Australian permanent resident AND able to show that he/she has been in New Zealand or intends to stay in New Zealand for at least 2 consecutive years

OR has a work visa and is able to show that he/she is able to be in New Zealand for at least 2 years


When enrolling you will be asked to provide proof of eligibility, eg passport, visa, birth certificate.  If you do not have these documents you can contact the Department of Internal Affairs if you are a New Zealander or the Immigration Service if you are an eligible non-New Zealander.

Please note that every patient from the age of 16 is required to sign their own enrolment form.

From time to time our books may be full, however during these times we can offer you a casual appointment and if space allows on the day, could enrol you.

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